Bringing our Misfits to Life

We find quirky animals like Cosmo the Sloth, Shirley the Sheep and Bronco the Flamingo and breathe life into them. Or do they find us? We’re convinced it’s a bit of both. We’ve found our misfits from many different stores and places and every one of them is unique and special to us, even if they have similar relatives out in the cosmos.

Hang on, that’s only part of the story.

According to our misfits’, the real story is that they already made a connection with us long time ago, they kept observing us and then chose to come into our family because of our wacky sense of humour. When the animals get birthed into our family (arrive from the store), we are usually quick to come up with a name, start talking to them, create stories, dress them up, take them on adventures and take photographs. Each animal has their own unique quirky personality with their own sense of fun and wisdom.

Oh, and you might have noticed how we refrained from using the term stuffed or toy animals. Our animal misfits are very much alive!

It’s quite possible you might find one of these relatives on your travels. Just remember if you decide to bring one of them into your family, it’s a lifelong decision, they can be quite a handful! Just remember, it may be that they chose you and not the other-way-around.

Meet some of the crew