Rule Breakers. Dream Makers.

Rules can hold your dreams captive....

Let us explain…

In our world being a Misfit is about being boldly and unapologetically you. It’s also about getting clear on your dreams so they may be experienced rather than just existing in dreamland. To do that sometimes the rule book needs to be torn up and rules need to get broken. It’s not about breaking every rule you can find or breaking rules for no particular reason, oh no, because that’s not freedom.

If you believe rules only exist to be broken, you’ll only ever have one focus in life and that’s to break rules. In the end this will only cause more hardship and block your true creativity. That’s totally opposite of what it means to be and discover your inner misfit. Rules serve a purpose, you simply have to decide if that purpose is truly serving you.

Rules are everywhere around us and most of the time they are there to help us all live and function together without complete chaos! Your misfit status is not something that can be measured by breaking rules, that’s misguided. But we must begin asking honestly and deeply what rules we are self-imposing that are ultimately holding us back. Rules are often unspoken chains that bind us to things we never consciously agreed to. It’s these rules we need to be bold with and declare, no more! Humans can be quite good at keeping each other limited, but it’s important to note it’s not done on purpose, it’s unconscious behaviour. Humans often project their fears on to others with unspoken rules, the crazy thing is it’s done in protection, people mostly want to keep you safe! But in doing so these unspoken rules of safety are the very things that keep us from living our dreams, they keep us small for a promise of safety that isn’t even real.

A little more on dreams.

Being a dream maker is what you naturally are. At Epic Misfits we believe you are creating exactly what you want. Most humans would argue against that. But Misfits know there is no one else or no “thing” to blame for our dreams not being in existence. It’s a hard thing to face, but when we are willing, we can truly start manifesting our dreams. As creators, we are creating all the time, it just happens we are giving life to the very things we believe are not wanted. There are times when humans feel powerless to make changes, or they believe what’s needed to make a dream happen is totally and completely out of reach. But a Misfit knows this is not our true state of being, that in truth, everything needed to make changes and manifest dreams is available in ways you cannot even fathom. Potentials exist that have not even been considered. In other words, the quirky Misfit creator finds a way.

But first, own the dream.

It’s all well and good talking about creating dreams and having everything you need to truly create available to you. So why can’t you have everything you want, just when you want it? That’s indeed a very good question. Some people make out you can have just that, but at Epic Misfits we recognise truth can be more elusive and eccentric than that. We call them “Misfit Truths” because you must dive within to find them, even more strangely, the truth is unique to you. This seems so strange in a world where we look for truth that functions like a fact. We are always looking for facts that are undeniable and we treat dreams in a similar way. We even share dreams with others that could not possibly be created unless we’re existing in a different time or reality; we take on dreams that are not our own, we inherit them from social pressures, family and friends. So, it takes a bit of time and discovery to identify your true dream, so you can release the sticky and stuck ones that do not serve you and are holding you back.

Are you ready to own your dreams?