Knowingness, Responsibility & Creatorship to allow a Misfit Life

From passive allowing to active creating

I (Dani) used to think that life happens to you. I genuinely innocently believed that one just sits back and allows everything into their life that was coming from the outside. I thought that was quantum allowing, just saying yes to everything from the outside. Right now I know that’s being a “responder” but back then I didn’t know any better. I genuinely thought that’s how creation worked. Passively allowing instead of “actively creating and allowing myself” (not allowing the outside world to dominate my world). Actively creating, where you take the paint brush and start painting, being fully in your own creation, where you actually have a say in things and manage your own house!

I felt like I was an observer of life for the most part of my life, just watching life go by, standing on the observation tower and drinking black tea, without having any active part in it, without being able to affect change, without being able to shape things consciously. I was part of a flow.

Co-creating in other peoples creations

I was still on some level observing how creation gets created. It’s not that I would sit still for the past 38 years of my life, that’s not true, I would still part take on an unconscious level until I was ready to be fully conscious on all levels, conscious of all of me and ready to dance in my own creation. I had different jobs that I was successful in, I got promoted multiple time overs, took on managerial roles etc…I was showing up…but I felt I was showing up for everybody else’s creation. I was part of a big soup of everybody else’s dreams and goals. I was not actively creating in my own creation yet, not being able to take that paint brush and paint on my own for myself just yet. Not yet swimming gracefully in my own creator soup.

Divine Timing

I realised that everything happens in perfect divine timing, when I was ready to be a creator and not a minute before then. I realised other people’s creations were my training ground to observe and learn, until I was ready to hop into my own playground, take charge and be the creator in my own creation. I was still a God in Training, still facing things like abundance, doubt and fear issues until I stopped testing myself, stopped questioning myself, stopped doubting myself, removed all the filters and layers that stood between me and my dreams and finally let my creations free flow without putting any limitations on them so my dreams could actually gain momentum instead of fail from the start. Given earth is quite dense, I kept playing the game of forgetting who I was, so I had to keep remembering over and over again until I finally could stabilise more and more the real me. I had to prepare myself, build up my own consciousness muscle until I was ready to jump outside of the “limitation game” I was stuck in, and hop into my own “creation game”. Everything that came before was a preparation for what was to come now. I had to learn to motivate myself now, no longer being motivated by others, by someone on the outside telling me what I had to do. I had to learn to get up and be self-disciplined day in and day out. There was no longer someone out there conveniently telling me what steps to take. There was no longer a flow that I was part of.

I had to create the flow, I had to create my own motion, I had to move and create waves! I was the flow!

If you’re not making choices, you can’t complain if life just happens to you.

I used to have an attitude of it doesn’t matter, nothing mattered to me anymore to the point where I went into standstill because frankly…what was the point if nothing matters. Until I realised, I was compromising a lot of the time because I lacked energy and consciousness to basically care. I was literally exhausted and depleted on the inside. I was pushing myself further and further to the back, my own needs were no longer important. I stopped looking after myself and looking after my dreams without noticing, without realising it. It doesn’t matter became my mantra until I realised it was no longer serving me. I no longer wanted to feel nonchalant about things, I wanted to feel a passion for life again! And whilst a lot of things still don’t matter to me that might matter to a lot of people, my passions matter to me now and it requires me showing up for them.

The Grand Unplugging

Leading up to become a Misfit creator, I first had to go through a period of disconnecting, unplugging from the outside & mass consciousness, go on a deep dive within, connect with my own energy center, sense of balance, truth and knowingness on the inside and then realise that it was solely my responsibility to be responsive and make my dreams happen. Trust me it was one of the most challenging and highly confusing times of my life to unplug from the outside and plug back into me. I would say overall that process took roughly 5-6 years with some more intense periods towards the end until I could finally feel comfortable with the changes in my consciousness. Where I had crossed a threshold within myself where I was no longer feeding on the outside or getting things on a theoretical level alone, but until I reached a point where I could access my own wisdom from within. It sounds as easy as just unplugging from a main and plugging back into you but the density of this planet makes it hard at times to hear yourself. So I had to learn to stabilise my own consciousness and I had to gradually unlearn everything I ever thought I knew was true about life, business, relationships to fully come into my own sovereignty, to become a sovereign creator. It was oftentimes a very mind blowing time (in a negative sense), where everything that I thought I knew came crashing down on me multiple times over to eventually reveal the real me. Trust me many tears were shed in that process. It felt like being stuck in a game of never ending aspect creation from no true place of consciousness within myself as I was still trying to please the outside world, still looking outside for approval. I still wanted to play a role, fit a mold…but there was no longer a mold. It was all about going from “identity(ies)” to “no identity”. Somebody once said “a human being doesn’t want to be managed, it wants to be free”. Freedom can only be access outside “identity land”…once the human has enough of playing any more roles.

Get out of that chair

Being a creator means to get out of your chair on a day to day basis and create, otherwise nothing is going to happen. I won’t have Misfit friends, Misfit fun & Misfit magic in my life if I do nothing. So at one point I had to get out of the hypnosis and the hypnosis was SUPER STRONG! Blimey I felt like I had so many different parts and pieces inside of me that were being misaligned, all firing off in different directions. I still had various beliefs systems running that had me looking to the outside and a lot of them were in conflict with each other. I never thought it was going to be possible to ever create with full laser focus, with full speed ahead. Then I kept remembering my dreams on some day only to forget them the next days, chasing my own tail like a dog again. Playing the game of hide and seek with my dreams.

Energies always respond to your consciousness. If you don’t act on your energies, they get stuck in the mind and it stops the natural flow of energies. That’s when you get depressed and no longer have Misfit Magic in your life. 

Your own consciousness creates your reality! Consciousness = Awareness

You already know

One of the first things that Lloyd said to me was “You already know”! At that time (7 years ago, back in 2012) I didn’t quite have the depth of understanding what he meant. It sounded like a good idea but I had no way of understanding where he was pointing to, for I was still deeply searching for the truth “out there”. Now I realise that “You already know” is a form of consciousness, just like I don’t know is a form of consciousness. It’s about going within. Basically it’s about realising that the answers to everything are already out there, from life, questions about yourself, relationships…anything is already there. When you ask a question it goes out, gathers knowledge, wisdom, understanding, clarity and it then comes back to you.

From my own experience it will hurt, physically and emotionally if one holds onto the I don’t know. Trust me, I don’t know has been the place where I’ve been living from most of my life and it’s not a nice place to be in. It’s a state of constant confusion, doubt, uncertainty and mind fog. It’s a place where you constantly hand your power over to other people and not have a voice of your own. However there comes a certain point in your life where you can no longer play games with yourself, where you can no longer bullshit yourself and everything comes to clarity, where there is no more hiding, where it’s going to hurt if you continue to say “I don’t know” because all the things you lied to yourself about are going to be ripped wide open, all the stories you told yourself over time that you’re not good enough, you can’t do this because of x, y, z…well there comes a point where you can no longer hide behind your own stories. It’s quite a painful process, I’ve been through it many times over. There is no more running away from “yourself”. You have to face the real you and it actually is truly magnificent and powerful beyond imagination if you allow yourself to face it.

Getting out of the comfort zone

Being a misfit means getting of your comfort zone. By the very definition, being a Misfit is not fitting into a pattern but it’s about being in touch with yourself. It can be hard at first, especially to the human who is so conditioned to patterns. Be compassionate with yourself and get up anyway, even if it feels like you tried 1 000 000 times over and nothing happened. You might feel depleted of energy, lack any kind of hope….even then, still get up and do it. There is a lot happening in the background and every time you get up, you get closer and closer to your dreams, you gain momentum. So keep going! Thomas Edison had lots of failures before he invented the light bulb, so stick with it and do it anyways…for the love of your dreams, for the love of yourself and for the pure act and joy of creating & dancing in your own creations and seeing your creations come alive and have your creations feed and sustain you back.

“You have a soul self that speaks to you, cultivate that soul speak and you will soon start to hear your own voice again.”

The human mind always goes back to what it knows, it is relational. It takes what it knows, known ingredients, known experiences and known reactions and mixes them together. It relates to everything. It has a difficult time imagining beyond that. However being in the beyond, is where you can attract energies instantaneously, at the speed of thought to serve your Misfit creations. Fear doesn’t exist in the beyond, it only exists in limitation.

Allowing the Misfit, Allowing You

There came a point where I could no longer be false or limited, it was too painful and I had to become the true me. Everything false, all the lies, all the roles I played up until now had to go. Conditioning and overlays had to fall away to connect me with the “real me”. I had to stop fighting and I had to allow change, otherwise nothing was going to be different from day in and out. I had to allow the enlightenment of my soul. I needed to become human and divine, not just being a limited human. When I stopped fighting, my human and divine walked together in their own realities but fully aware of each other. For the first time I realised and had clarity about who I really was, for the first time I had stumbled upon my whole self…and I was in love with it….until I forgot it again the next day (the joys of being human!)

I exist, all of me

Limitation of consciousness causes limitation of experience. 

Every day when I feel limited, I am doing a little exercise to feel into “all of who I am”, not just into a particular part of me that is playing the role of small self that feels stuck. Actually anytime I feel I’m in trouble, I’ll come back to I exist. I know this might seem a foreign concept to some who have never tried to feel into their “unfiltered existence” beyond any roles they’ve identified themselves with, but this is the place to exist from, the place beyond limitation. The place of pure consciousness.

Consciousness attracts energy. Energy responds to consciousness. It comes flying in. Consciousness is what creates all realities. 

Messages from my future self

In order to get out of limitation, I had to realise I was a being beyond time and that if I was willing, I could hear messages from my future self. I could connect to my already realised self and have that show up and be part of my journey on a daily basis. I could connect with the part of me that had already gone through my creations and I could bring that part of me forth to be with me as I was creating here and now. I could also go back to my past self and heal my past, heal my traumas, heal everything that I thought was still energetically influencing me by going back with the consciousness I had now, and bring compassion to those situations. No longer feeling trapped by my past, no longer carrying the heavy burdens around with me from the past but I was literally rewriting my own history. I was becoming someone new. My new self had transformed beyond time and it was impacting everything on my entire timeline.

You are going to get more bored when you are trying to make your limited consciousness a little bit more comfortable.

Beyond time

I have a part of me that never went through time. I have a body of consciousness that never went into limitation. I can exist in multiple realities at the same time. I can use my consciousness to access all those realities. If I go outside of my mind, I can access all states of consciousness.