Cosmo the Multi-Dimensional Traveller

Hello, I am Cosmo!

I am a multi-dimensional traveller and an upcoming author of the book called “The Art of Slothing Down”.

My name is derived from the word “Cosmos”, which means universe. My passion is to explore the universe of myself and then bring back my findings from my journey of self-discovery & self-realisation to my fellow misfits and to you dear reader.

You may wonder what a multi-dimensional traveller is. Let me explain, it’s all about interdimensional living (opening portals from the non physical realms to bring information down to this physical reality). It’s also about existing on multiple timelines, existing in the past, now and future at the same time. This means I can get to talk to my future self as much as I can heal my past self, which all happens in the now moment.

Misfits Profile:

  • Sips Slowpressos
  • Loves Sloga (a slower version of Yoga, which is basically doing nothing)
  • Loves skateboards, surfboards and bicycle rides
  • Wears onesies & wellies with flamingo prints
  • Likes Hula dancing (in Hawaii only)
  • Eats honey oats puffs

Master of Cosmosis (Transformation), Multi-Dimensional Traveller & Channeler, Space Cadet, Hula Dancer

Family Status:
Has more than 100 sisters & brothers ranging from owls, flamingos, zebras to ladybugs and racoons. He quantum spliced himself once and now has a twin self, allowing him to bi-locate and exist in both Austria and UK at the same time. Yep, that’s our Cosmo…never a boring day!

The essence of Cosmo’s book:
It’s about learning to live life like a sloth, slothing down to hear your own inner voice and then to manifest your dreams in sloth speed. Sloth speed doesn’t mean slow, it can mean quite the opposite, quantum speed.

How I look like in real life: