Shirley the Master of Energy Management

Hello I’m Shirley,

I’m a white sheep and at times I’m also black depending on my misfit mood of the day! I’m also an upcoming author of the book called “From Hot Hoofing to Fair Energy Exchanges and Energy Management” where I talk about my journey from being a thief (hot hoofer) to being a wise sheep that’s managing her energy wisely and that has fair energy exchanges with other people.

I love Fridays because that’s when I get my wool washed by Daddy Misfit. He doesn’t just use any shampoo, no he uses my favorite Curly Wurly shampoo with coconut from Lush. Daddy Misfit is the dedicated feather and wool dresser in our family and he is the best when it comes to making sure my wool stays white. I also have produced a famous song, that’s now a massive hit called “Give it up yo, it’s Wool Wash Friday”. It’s my feel good tune for Fridays when daddy washes my wool.

I have a boyfriend called Zaney the Zebra who I love very much. I love sitting on a swing with him in summer and for us to enjoy the sunset together and tell each other jokes all night. I once sent Zaney off in a shoebox to get a onesie tailor made for him. He came back looking rather cute! I love stroking his ears.

I love wearing bikinis in Hawaii, pink dresses, pink sunglasses and I have a Batman onesie.

Profession: Teacher of Energy Management, sharing a beautiful message around how to stay in one’s own balance and connect with other people in a balanced way.