Misfit Manifesto

According to a dictionary the definition of manifesto is as follows:

A written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.
– Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

While that’s a rather official and direct description, it does somewhat fit. But, let us say something with more Misfit-ness and quirky about why we wanted to put together a manifesto. We want to highlight what it means to be an Epic Misfit, what it takes to live your truth and be in integrity with your sovereign self. It’s actually quite a rare thing for humans to exist in this state, and you should be celebrated for your Misfit journey. If some of these words help as a reminder along the sometimes-lonely path, then they have served their intended purpose.

You see, being a misfit is not some club or membership that can be bought, it’s not elitist or reserved for the few. It’s for anyone willing to dive within themselves and know the value of sovereign expression. It’s not about being cool, or quirky to just stand out and get attention. It’s about being boldly yourself in all its uniqueness. You may naturally stand out, but it’s the by-product, not the aim. You may go fairly under the radar being just as epic and awesome with few knowing your Misfit genius. All expressions are welcome, allowed and perfect. No one gets to declare what being a Misfit needs to look like, there are no “Ten Steps” to be and become a Misfit and no other being can bestow it upon you.

So, with all that said, let these words be a reminder when needed. So you may know you are not alone, weird or do not belong. Most of all, never let words of any manifesto, even this one, govern your truth or coerce your chosen journey; May they never hold you prisoner or bind you; Let them be a guide when needed, nothing more, nothing less.

The Misfit knows no rules govern its sovereignty.
The Misfit makes no agreements bound by time.
The Misfit allows things as they are.
The Misfit allows change and does not force it.
The Misfit knows that many perceptions and truths make reality.
The Misfit manages their own energy.
The Misfit understands conscious choice leads to freedom.