Misfit Mascot

The Epic Misfits' Mascot

Please meet our Misfit Mascot “Misfit Owl”.

He represents all of us at Epic Misfits. He’s wild, bold, courageous and proudly wears his “Misfit” status on his chest! He’s also gentle, sensitive and honours the individual path. He’s a true Misfit. You’ll see him often, as the profile picture on our social media accounts, he’ll also be part of our logo on this website. Basically, anywhere Epic Misfits roams he’ll be present in some form.

How Misfit Mascot became to be:

I drew “Misfit Mascot” in a moment of inspiration on a piece of paper. He came easily, without effort or much thought; a simple doodle on a piece of paper that I knew I wanted to keep. I ended up cutting him out before I recycled the paper he was created on. There he sat among notes and to-do lists. I decided to get him digitally drawn in his original form as a “Super Owl” but it soon became clear that we wanted something less superhero and more Misfit, so he’s morphed perfectly into what you see today. No more does he need to go through trials and tribulations. He’s now free to express his wisdom with all the misfit crew.

We’re happy to have him, we hope he brings a you a smile.

A little word from the Mascot himself…

Epic Misfits is a movement dedicated to the expression of your truest self, it’s a movement dedicated to your dreams. What gifts do you have locked away in the darkest recesses of your soul? Epic Misfits wants you to shine your light, to have “you” declare your sovereignty and live freely, wildly and boldly you. Do you dare become the rule breaker and dream maker that you really want to be? Let your inner misfit fly.
Take a deep breath spread those wings…

Misfit Mascot.