Welcome to the land of misfitdom, home of the Slothpreneur and Stuffed Wisdom. This is also a place where fun and imagination are allowed to roam free.

Perhaps you have seen us in public, wearing sloth onesies or taking pictures of one of our wise misfits (to many humans that’s a stuffed animal) but to us and many others, often children, we see them differently. Everything we do is about allowing our inner misfit to shine, for both ourselves and others. Too often we get bombarded by what others think of us, in a world of social media and online connectivity this pressure is bigger than ever before. Especially for our kids and younger generations.

Discovering your Inner Misfit is about breaking free of this pressure and allowing your true self to shine. To walk this journey is to honour yourself and what you choose to express, allow yourself to chase your dreams and at the same time honour other humans trying to do the same. There are always bumps in the road, deeper layers and nuances to the journey we walk, but the above is a good summery of what it is to walk the life of a Misfit. It’s a little note to express why we do what we do and what we’re passionate about.

If this has intrigued and resonated with you, please explore our content and social profiles. This journey is fairly new for us, but something that has been in the making for years.

May you let your inner misfit fly!