Welcome Fellow Misfits
We are happy you’re here! 

You have found a place where it is normal to be different, where it is normal to be bold and unapologetically you. At Epic Misfits HQ we create content that speaks to your inner misfit. The side of you that is bursting to come out, but you are afraid of what people will say. The thing is, you are not alone! So many people are withholding wonderful and creative facets of themselves.  

We know it takes courage to spread those Misfit wings; it takes even more courage to use those wings to dive into the unknown! Just know that we get it and that’s why we do what we do.

It’s our mission to bring a smile when things seem a little cloudy, to remind you to keep going when everyone else around you doesn’t seem to understand or get you.

We create with our 

Perhaps you have seen us in public wearing sloth onesies, maybe you’ve seen us taking pictures of one of our wise misfits – they come everywhere with us! It’s just as likely you’ve seen one of our online posts. Regardless of how we’ve popped into your reality sphere we know our Misfits are considered merely “stuffed animals” or “plushies” to some, but to us and many other humans who’ve refused to let their imagination fade, they are seen very differently. Misfits know, where imagination and magic are concerned, age is just a number!

To be a Misfit

Everything we do is about allowing our inner misfit to shine, for both ourselves and others. Too often we get bombarded by what others think of us. In a world of social media and online connectivity this pressure is bigger than ever before. Discovering your Inner Misfit is about breaking free of this pressure and allowing your true self to shine.

To walk the Misfit journey is to honour yourself and what you choose to express; It’s about giving yourself permission to allow your dreams, to know you are very much worth it. At the same time, because Misfits know the value of this journey, they completely honour other humans trying to do the same. Misfits don’t need to put others down to get a boost, there’s enough creativity and passion for each of us to thrive.

To be a misfit is to:

When you choose the Misfit Life there will always be bumps in the road and challenges that must be faced, there will be times when you’ll have to reflect and ponder your chosen path, to check within yourself and see if a course correction is required. All these things are totally normal and to be expected on the Misfit path. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, but that doesn’t mean the journey has to be fraught with difficulty either!

This journey is fairly new for us, but something that has been in the making for years. We’re very much looking forward to sharing it with you, so are our wild Epic Misfits!

May you let your inner misfit fly!