You may have noticed, but the Misfit Plushies are rather wise, they have lots of stories, adventures and wisdom they would like to share with us humans. Also, all of us at Epic Misfits simply love to make you smile through all the things we create, it’s a joy to bring a ray of laughter into your life…

So with that said, Cosmo is putting together his first book! All the Misfits have agreed to help and support him as he embarks on this journey, we’re doing it together, in sovereignty and one word at a time.

So what’s the book called, well, drum roll… 🥁👇👇👇

The Art of Doing Nothing
While still manifesting your dreams.

Cosmo shares his passion of living life in the slow lane, being present and enjoying the moment. But it wasn’t always this way for Cosmo, he used to panic about not being fast enough and would constantly worry about not getting enough done. How would he be able to manifest his dreams if could not crack the code of performing at the highest level? He wondered if he just needed to accept how the world works and deny his true nature. Come on this personal adventure with Cosmo, where he shares the story of how he began to manifest with presence when the world we live in is constantly pulling us to get faster and faster.

Enjoy some pictures of Cosmo writing, he’s reading aloud to Shirley for feedback…