What is a Slothpreneur?

Slothpreneurs use a minimum amount of energy, yet still make quantum leaps to achieve their dreams. This is largely due to the fact that they can hear their inner misfits’ voice, they listen to it and act on it. Slothpreneurs don’t get too distracted on the way, well, at least not for long. It’s a little-known fact that it’s rather normal for the human to get distracted from time to time.

Another fact you might not know, while Sloths are usually perceived as slow animals, they have a secret power, they’ve a natural access to a sloth speed force. This allows them to bring their unique creations into this physical reality, in effortless time. Sloth time. They bend the time & space continuum so to speak. Sloths don’t try and be a lion, they honour their unique ‘sloth-y ways’. In short, they allow energy and circumstances to serve them. Sloth time does not eradicate challenges and effortless doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, but it means what you do is much freer from stress and fear. There’s more smiling on the path to your dreams.