Drawing Shirley – Day 2 of Misfit Mischief

Hello fellow Misfits,

This is Dani again here. It’s Day 2 and I’ve managed to draw Shirley the Sheep today. It’s my first attempt to capture the unique beauty of Shirley for some of the book drawings. Like explained yesterday, Shirley’s book will be about Energy Management and it’s all about Shirley’s journey of how she started out hot hoofing corn in a field, to having realisations around fair energy exchanges and managing her own energy better, always keeping her balance. She will share some of her “dark sheep times” as well as the wisdom she has integrated along the way.

We usually draw our characters first and then send them off to an artist on Fiverr, who then turns them into a graphic design to use for the book.

Here’s a little taster of Shirley:

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