Eurl is coming to life – Day 4 of Misfit Mischief

Hello Misfits,

Embarking on the creative journey, there is no knowing what gets created on a daily basis. Some days it’s about story writing, other days it’s about character drawing…and some days it’s just about chilling out. At the moment it feels like we’re writing 3 books at once, multi dimensional writing 🙂 in true misfit style. We’ve created 2 characters so far, Cosmo and Shirley and today Eurl, the Death Transitioning Owl got drawn.

Eurl’s job is to be a Death Transitioning Guide. Through his writing he guides people dying, from the physical realms to the non physical realms, through the 4 stages of death transitioning. He is also a beacon of light for anyone who has a fear of dying or wants to understand death and how to die in a graceful way. Eurl offers alternative methods of celebrating the time before death and he also makes sure that people arrive safely on the other side, don’t get lost in the near earth realms and make it all the way to the bridge of flowers, allowing a good recovery until the next lifetime.

So we currently have 3 books in the making:

  • Cosmo – The Art of Slothing Down
  • Shirley – The Art of Energy Management
  • Eurl – The Art of Dying with Ease and Grace

We’re breathing life into the characters each day and hopefully soon, their books maybe make it into your home and inspire you to be a Misfit too in different areas of your life.

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