The Journey Begins – Day 1 of Misfit Mischief

Hello Dear Misfits,

This is Dani Misfit here. I am writing from Austria at the moment; Lloyd and I have started our book writing journeys. We are currently in two different locations so you will hear how we progress with our book writing from Austria & the UK.

Lloyd has started writing with Cosmo the Sloth, the book is called “The Art of Doing Nothing – While still manifesting your dreams” I am focusing on a book with Shirley called “From Hot Hoofing to Fair Energy Exchanges & Energy Management”.

We will post updates on our progress so you can follow the Misfit journey of us writing and living our dream, being Slothpreneurs and Digital Nomads, living life outside the hamster wheel.

Here are a few pictures from Day 1 in Austria.  Today’s Misfit companion was Baxter Riverdale, the badger. He helped to hold the space for the writing, he also helped with finding this epic writing den. I managed to write 1 page in 3 hours, that’s big! It was about getting clear on the essence of the book and capturing a few ideas around Energy Management.

Stay tuned for more Misfit mischief.

Baxter helping with Creativity on Day 1 of Misfit Mischief in Austria.
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